James Hyde

A Bibliography of the Works of Emanuel Swedenborg

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James Hyde
A Bibliography of the Works of Emanuel Swedenborg
Original and Translated
London: The Swedenborg Society, 1906
Fotomechanischer Nachdruck des Swedenborg Verlags

This basic reference work was eight years in preparation. The editor states in the preface that »the main object of the book has been to gather into one volume, and thus facilitate reference to, the bibliographical data of all Swedenborg’s works, or attempted works, printed or unprinted, as well in their original as in their translated forms, in all editions of each, so arranged that while the reader has in one view the history of Swedenborg’s literary life, he may also easily follow each distinct work through its versions and editions, or even re-impressions of the same edition.« The main bibliography comprises six hundred pages. An appendix lists and describes Swedenborg’s extant manuscripts, composite volumes, biographies of the author, and portraits of Swedenborg. There are three indexes: of books, of persons and institutions, and of places.

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